Founded in 2019, Kollektiv Collective is a London-based curatorial collective run by curators Pia Zeitzen and Sasha Shevchenko. Working with and in support of emerging artists, Kollektiv focuses on exploring site-specificity and performativity as curatorial tools to transcribing the abstract into the visual. Thematically, their exhibitions are dedicated to investigating socio-political themes at large, dissecting thoughts and feelings that forge the image of the present time. Critically investigating contemporary thought, Kollektiv often reverts to a dissection of binaries in an attempt to promote multiplicity, complexity and the merit of leaning into uncertainty.

Zeitzen and Shevchenko work site-specifically, with the underpinnings of their projects being developed with and against a given exhibition space and setting. Kollektiv Collective conceives every project as an experiment in curating as a collaborative, artistic expression.

Recent exhibitions include Great Expectations, General Assembly (London, 2024); things fall apart; the centre cannot hold, Tabula Rasa Gallery; on the flip side was, Guts Gallery Projects; Interlude, Kupfer (all London, 2023); I knock on your skin, SET Woolwich; Un/Sense, Christie’s (both London, 2022), and In Nihilum, Swiss Church (London, 2020).  

Sasha Shevchenko (left) and Pia Zeitzen (right). Image courtesy of Kollektiv Collective. 
© Kollektiv Collective