Pia Zeitzen and Sasha Shevchenko formed a curatorial collective whilst undertaking an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths University in 2019. Together, they developed a practice that allows them to explore theoretical and philosophical notions with the prospect of translating them into engaging exhibition concepts. Accordingly, their collaborative approach aims to transcribe abstract concepts and render them physical and accessible. Their curating is intrinsically and intuitively site-specific, with conceptual underpinnings being developed with and against a given exhibition space. Zeitzen and Shevchenko conceive of every project as experiments of curating as artistic expression. As such, they are particularly interested in how their practice may visualise and negotiate notions of performativity and potentiality.

Shevchenko, who was born in Moscow, Russia, studied Law in her undergraduate, while Zeitzen, born in Düsseldorf, Germany, studied Art Theory; and both find the unexpected mosaic of interdisciplinary connections to be at the centre of their practice.

Sasha Shevchenko (left) and Pia Zeitzen (right). Image courtesy of Kollektiv Collective. 
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